Friday, September 12, 2008

This is a great day!!!

After all those bad things happened . . . . .

O.K. So, I am really happy right now because I got the highest score from our quizzes ( Geometry and History ) I've been studying from the past few days and, this is what I got!

And I am really sorry if I haven't been uploaded some new videos... 'coz I need to study first before dancing. I want my father to be proud of me before he leave the Philippines. He's working abroad ( OFW )...

Don't worry coz I will still upload videos^^ but Im sorry if the dance is late.. gomeeeen~

To be honest, I haven't practiced Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance of BK, Edo No Temari Uta II by C-ute, and Gachinko de Ikou by Buono!... sigh*

I promise I will do this dances^^ XD Also Tell me and Irony by WG ( ^~^ )

Thanks for reading this.. jyaa ne~


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