Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Educational Field Trip! YEEEY!


There will be an educational field trip! On October 10, 2008! Here's the list of the places!!!
1. Chinese Museum
2. Gardenia Bakery
3. Luneta Park
4. Jose Rizal Shrine
5. Mall of Asia

Im so excited! Going in a far place with your friends is really fun! Before I forgot the field trip costs P700.00 per head that ain't much... hihi^^

There are a lot of events in our school this October. Monthly Test, Intramural, Field Trip and Projects ( which is related in the intramural ) Also, I invited ina to have a sleep in our house! XD I hope she can come! Then, we can dance both!!! that's fun ne~

Oh yeah! I forgot! I got a new haircut! its shorter now and its curly too. Did you know that my natural hair is really curly, I mean, straight and curly.. lolz
My father has a straight hair and my Mom is curly. My hair is straight in the upper part and curly in the lower portion..^^ gee!

I also got addicted with BK's new Single.. hehe, the Monkey dance. The Gachinko de ikou is also cute too^^

okkk, I'll be sleeping na~ G'nyt everyone..~ ciao

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