Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

Happy New Year everyone~

whats new?


I have so many problems today..

I'm not in the mood to write! tsk!

'til next time....

The twilight saga, New Moon is a hit!
I really love it!
I'm looking forward to the next part!
Its really great! Have you watched it?

ok~ byeee!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

When are you going to upload videos?


I'll be uploading videos this month.. but not dances..
Maybe BLOG or hair styling? or showing some of my outfits?

I dunno.. but pls look forward for it XD

I'm not updated to H!P dances anymore, pls be aware of that.
I'm into Korean, Naruto, and Taylor Swift's songs.

So.. uhh..
You'll gonna see me soon!



Yumi, One of the 60 candidates for the AFS YES Program

That's right!

I'm one of the candidates BUT there's a problem!

Its a good news that I passed the AFS Interview. But, everyone knows that being in a year program will pay US $10,000! We CAN'T afford that much! Its too expensive...

And now... My parents are confused. What are we supposed to do? Where will we get that kind of money?! sigh!

I'm really happy about the news 'coz this is my chance to go and study in Japan. " This is it "

I hope things will get better...
After we submit my Application Form, we will be scheduled for an interview. ( me and my parents )
But before we think of passing this interview, we should think first about the money...
Where, o where will I get that kind of money?

We are 60 candidates of the year program ( here in the Philippines ) and I'm one of it. Imagine, hundreds of people applied and only 60 passed. And now, they'll be choosing 4-6 students who'll be studying abroad. This is a challenge for me... Lord, please help me...


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Crazy About You

I put up a new dance^^
Its Crazy About You! Did someone noticed that my t-shirt is too big? hehe~ Its from my aunt. I just found it in my closet, but its too big.. hehe!

I guess I don't have any energy here^^ I haven't eat my lunch that time, 'coz if I do. I may now have an appendicitis. XD

I hope you enjoyed watching~


Saturday, February 7, 2009


Here's the story :

January 5, 2009. I was on my way to school and I brought my PSP with me. Its because I need to burn my project in History. ( You all know that our comp has tech probs ) and when I rode the jeepney, a man sit beside me. And then, I felt something moving in my hips so I immediately checked my bag to see if myPSP and cellphone is there. And... there... My PSP... gone! Only my cellphone is left.. I was scared to shout and blame that man 'coz I'm worried that something may happen. If I did that, he can attack me. So.... I just let go... WAAAHHH!!!!!

I love my PSP so much and he just stole it! I got tons of H!P videos there and especially my project.. tsk tsk!


My PINK Collection







I just want to share my collection.. that's all XD
Now, you know I love pink! hehe! Its because of this jdrama or should I say JP comedy?!

" Anna-san no Omame" ( Anna's Bestfriend) Try watching it, its really funny! Only 10 episodes.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

How are you?

Hi, this is Yumi. How are you? Its been a long time isn't it? I haven't post any updates or videos... *sigh* How I wish I can upload a new video again huhuhu~

My father won't let me use the internet. 'coz I might get low grades if I do. He said, the internet and my dancing will make my grades low...~ tsk tsk! My grades improve when our computer was gone XD but, I miss dancing.... y'know~ I really miss it! I really want to dance! huhuhu~


Right now, I'm enjoying my Christmas vacation. I always spend my time with my cousins and friends. I'm really happy with them~

BTW, I really love my PSP, know why? 'coz I have many H!P videos there. Everywhere I go, my PSP is always with me.^^ It makes the dance alot easier to learn 'coz you can always watch it everywhere and everytime~

Before I forgot, have you watch twilight? Its a great movie! I've been addicted to it. Their words and dialouge stick to my head lol. Try watching it if you have time~

well.... I need to go.. 'till next time!