Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yumi, One of the 60 candidates for the AFS YES Program

That's right!

I'm one of the candidates BUT there's a problem!

Its a good news that I passed the AFS Interview. But, everyone knows that being in a year program will pay US $10,000! We CAN'T afford that much! Its too expensive...

And now... My parents are confused. What are we supposed to do? Where will we get that kind of money?! sigh!

I'm really happy about the news 'coz this is my chance to go and study in Japan. " This is it "

I hope things will get better...
After we submit my Application Form, we will be scheduled for an interview. ( me and my parents )
But before we think of passing this interview, we should think first about the money...
Where, o where will I get that kind of money?

We are 60 candidates of the year program ( here in the Philippines ) and I'm one of it. Imagine, hundreds of people applied and only 60 passed. And now, they'll be choosing 4-6 students who'll be studying abroad. This is a challenge for me... Lord, please help me...


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Nozofan said...

I hope you'll be able to go :D !