Friday, September 26, 2008


Hi blogie woggie~
Here's an update!

Let's start on September 20, 2008!

I got a new haircut in David's Salon for P135.00

And yesterday... I bought a new hairband, liquid foundation and some hair accessories. BTW they're cheap^^

and I went home late, that was 6pm already^^

I got the highest score again in History, though I didn't study.. Thank God!!!
It was a quiz about our previous lessons, The Chinese Civilization, Egypt, and Mesoamerica. The total score is 32 and I only got 24.... LOL Its because I didn't study, but still, I'm the highest. And I'm happy 'coz I know my parents are happy too!

OK that's large, you can see it for free XD

I need money!^^ I need to buy some things that I will use in the field trip XD lol, Most of them are cosmetics haha!

You see? hehe, but, don't worry, Im not a girl who puts heavy make-up on my face. I just put simple make-up, mostly in my eyes^^ I also love Japanese and Doll-like eye-makeup. It makes my eyes look cute~

Somehow... hehe, it looks cute~

I'll be posting some updates soon!
Thanks for reading this^^ hope you enjoy it~



Micchi-chan said...

Hello Yumi-chan~! Ah, I love your new haircut ^^ And those are really cute accessories! Congrats on your test~ ^0^

Michi<3 said...

Hihi Yumi <3 xiiaoICEangel here <3 you still look as pretty as ever, and love those accessories. wear them on your next dance xD.

P.S. knowing you like Shugo Chara makes me happy. XD. Major addiction here <3

link ya? <3


ForeverLove!~ said...

Hi Yumi!! ur accessories are so cute. and congrats on ur test.