Wednesday, September 10, 2008



September 10, 2008 - Wednesday

this is the worst day for me! tsk!

Problems I encountered awhile ago:

1. I switched to Smart sim and I got scolded by a guy blah blah
2. I got late in English subject but thank God Mr. Rodriguez is absent.
3. I shout when we watch the basketball game and I run out of voice.
4. My jogging pants had a blood stain 'coz of menstruation
5. Someone ruined my day, ( including me )
6. I cried ( for some reason )
7. My M.A.P.E.H. teacher told me that she's not contented with m grades
8. My M.A.P.E.H. teacher told me that I didn't pass a project ( sketchpad )

sigh* This is really baaaaddd.... Today is a long day.... I hope this won't happen again~

" No time for crying... its time for smiling " Pls move on...


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Chris said...

We all have days like that, but whenever I do, I just tell myself that things suck so bad there is only one direction left to go - up. So yeah, smile. Things will get better =)