Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Music Video?

I've been thinking if I'm going to make a music video...

I listed all of the h!p songs/singles that I know and I haven't choose any. Can you pls help me?

Of course the music video have close-up scenes, random stuffs and dancing... I'm thinking of an MV that will be easy for a beginner like me XD Pls send me your suggestions!




BLT#89 said...

oh man.. i really like some of your tributes on YouTube, you feel the rhythm of the music. But why all you girls want to imitate japanese kawaii/moe girls? Imitating their poses, style of blog, dances, clothes, ... Most of the young nice girls into "youtube cover dance" don't know almost nothing about Idols u_u You girls are beautiful as you are.. from China, Philipines, Mexico or USA, each culture has different kinds of beauty. Japanese girls like the ones on TV are just very stereotiped and trained girls. Imitating something you are not part of is really annoying, mainly for the people of the original country.
Sorry for bothering ^^U, keep dancing and being yourself.

Kiwipunchni said...

So this is the post
Maybe you could do both...?
But maybe one once a month because of your busy schedule.
I understand your situation, I just begun school and I'm as busy as ever!

Anonymous said...

YUMI~! I'm CutiePieYumi from YouTube!(We share the same name.. ^^)

I love your videos and I wish that you could be a member of H!P~

Aaaa~ Your so beautiful >_____<