Sunday, February 22, 2009

Crazy About You

I put up a new dance^^
Its Crazy About You! Did someone noticed that my t-shirt is too big? hehe~ Its from my aunt. I just found it in my closet, but its too big.. hehe!

I guess I don't have any energy here^^ I haven't eat my lunch that time, 'coz if I do. I may now have an appendicitis. XD

I hope you enjoyed watching~



Anonymous said...

kyaaa~ Yumi-chan~ you did an awesome job! :3
and i really agree to all the people's comments~ xD
you look like Ai-chan~ x3

Jihye Kim said...

Your an Amazing dancer! X3
You should do Forever Love! It looks really hard, well to me.


(I forgot my Blogger username xD)