Sunday, December 28, 2008

How are you?

Hi, this is Yumi. How are you? Its been a long time isn't it? I haven't post any updates or videos... *sigh* How I wish I can upload a new video again huhuhu~

My father won't let me use the internet. 'coz I might get low grades if I do. He said, the internet and my dancing will make my grades low...~ tsk tsk! My grades improve when our computer was gone XD but, I miss dancing.... y'know~ I really miss it! I really want to dance! huhuhu~


Right now, I'm enjoying my Christmas vacation. I always spend my time with my cousins and friends. I'm really happy with them~

BTW, I really love my PSP, know why? 'coz I have many H!P videos there. Everywhere I go, my PSP is always with me.^^ It makes the dance alot easier to learn 'coz you can always watch it everywhere and everytime~

Before I forgot, have you watch twilight? Its a great movie! I've been addicted to it. Their words and dialouge stick to my head lol. Try watching it if you have time~

well.... I need to go.. 'till next time!



Anonymous said...


Yumi said...

Hey Yumi~! My name is Yumi too >o< In YouTube I'm CutiePieYumi. I've missed your dancing so much.. You are the best dancer of YT n_______n
And did you get a PSP for Christmas? I haven't got one.. =__________=' Well, I hope to see you back in YouTube soon~! ^^

Micchi-chan said...

Yumi-chan~ It's been a while!!! I miss you~~ x3 Ah! *late* Maligayang pasko~!!! x3

Anonymous said...

i watched twilight 3 still watch favorite parts :D
Happy NY !!!i hope you have a good time =]

Anonymous said...

I've seen your video's on youtube!
You're very good at dancing :)

I'm going to the cinema tomorrow with a good friend of mine, and guess what?
I'm going to Twilight! :D

I hope you had wonderfull holidays!