Wednesday, June 11, 2008

University of Batangas

Ohayo gozaimasu~

hi! good morning blog! I just want to tell something for ya~

In my school there are so many students... From Prep-College, I've been used to it since Im a student there for 11 YEARS!!!! That means I'm there since kinder 1...

In my high school days in this school... I think I'm a bit happy? I mean, if you were me, what will you feel? You're 11 years in this school, same faces, same classmates, same teachers ( they change every year but I can still see some of them XD ) waahhh.. Its a bit tiring but still.. your friends are there but when the time comes they graduate and leave the school, you're all alone. sigh*.. Anyway, 1 year to go and I'll be in 4th year high school!

I just want to explain some things since that there are some people who ask about my school..

In the Philippines, our school year starts at June and ends in March. That means March is the graduation for Elementary, Prep, High School and College. And April and May is our summer vacation.

In my school, we have 1 examination every month that lasts about 2-3 days. Except the month of June. I kinda love this day because our dismissal time is really early! We only take 3-4 subjects a day. In the first day of the examination its 3-4 subjects ( it depends on the schedule )
and in the 2nd day, its 2-3 subjects..^^ I always wanted to go home after class! LOL My parents know why! Can you guess it? he he!

The problem in my school is fraternity, bad boys, and girls.. that.. y'know.. Teachers prohibited the girls to put make-up on their faces, but.. you can't stop them^^

hmmn... I think I have talk so much to you today~
well.. I need to go! Im gonna eat my breakfast! Oh.. I mean lunch he he!, then go to school!^^ bye bye blog.. jyaa ne~



Anonymous said...

Hello. This has no relation to your blog post, but towards your dreams of being an H!P/Morning Musume member. I fully support you and have been looking into the subject for helpful hints and such towards auditioning. I'm telling you this because I think you are talented enough and could make it into MM. Tsunku is not looking for strong singers. After hearing your Koi Kana cover, I would say to keep your singing there, slightly better at most. Your dancing is already very good, but Tsunku would probably rather concentrate on a powerful dancer than singer, as strange as that sounds. He is looking for girls who have potential and then will work with their voices. He can hire a crappy singer (like Michishige Sayumi- I do not dislike her, but her voice is not very strong), but not a bad dancer. I also presume that with less "amazing" singers, he can mold their voices into the stereotypical voice for H!P. Also, due to your YouTube popularity, if you were to audition there is a chance that Tsunku wouldn't choose you due to your popularity on the internet. You seem to emit confidence, more so than an "normal/average" girl, that he is looking for to transform into an idol. A normal girl who becomes a desirable idol is more appealing then someone straight from a diva-like background, most probably. Or maybe he would choose you because of your internet popularity- to let fans know that it's possible. You may disagree with me, thinking of AmerikaJinMusume's situation where she appeared on Haromoni@, but she was not Asian and not attemtpting to get into H!P at all; she merely danced for leisure and was noticed for it (and maybe because she was in Japan too). I'm sincerely sorry if you find that I sound like an asshole, and I would quite agree, but it's impossible for someone as myself, and seeing someone with so much potential leads me to want to help, even if I don't really.

Roze said...

Are you going to post a new blog anytime soon??