Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Taiwan H!P Eggs New Star Audition

Did you heard about the H!P Audition held in Taiwan? Its true! The audition will be held in taiwan on May 24! How I wish they will have an audition here in my country too!

They are seeking new members ages 6-24 years old. I'm looking forward to their audition here in the Philippines! And if that happen, I hope I can pass! XD

I asked my mom last night about the audition. I asked " Mom, what if I want to become a jpop idol someday? " She answered me " You should study singing lessons first. " I understand what she says, its not only in dancing but in singing and acting too. Sigh*...

All I want her to answer is Yes or No. If she will let me in the audition. ++__++


saakoi said...

Nice blog!

Speaking of audition, I know some information. They seem to have persoanl audition every day. if you pass it, you can take free lesson.

Genki said...

hello! i'm a fan or your dancing on YouTube and noticed your blog link; i hope you don't mind me reading+commenting! >-<;;

i would definitely support you if you were to get into H!P! 8Db

Anonymous said...

Hey ! :) Sorry for being ''Anonymous'' xD I don't have an account on that blog thing xD Anyway, I really hope you can join H!P someday, you are really talented ;) Oh, and if you're looking for a nice H!P forum, try, the name of my account is laurie333361 (I didn't want to stay ''Anonymous'' I think it's stupid xD)