Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yumi-chan's Summer Vacation VIDEOS

So, you want to know more about the videos I posted on YouTube? right? ok, here it is:^^

About the first video. This was taken in a beach resort, its a very dark night so you can't see me clearly. He he! Im the girl wearing green t-shirt, Satomi is the one in front ( its her birthday 03-24-91 so she should be in front XD ), Airi is the girl at the back... The tallest one!

The second video was my uncle, he was copying Jouaqin Bordado's ( from a TV program and commercial ) moves.

He's the one I'm telling you before! He's really good at home dishes! Especially his jokes! lol!

We were laughing very hard! He's so funny. These are some reasons why i cant make any new fandance for now. Im still enjoying my summer vacation. But, we'll see, just subscribe to me.^^

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