Sunday, March 30, 2008

mitoriyu's FUNdance video

Hi blog! Here's a new video from me and my cousins. We are dancing Renai Rider from Buono and Tsukiatteiru no ni Kataomoi from Berryz Kobo. We are just having fun that's all! He he! We really enjoyed dancing together!

Im the girl wearing green, Satomi is the girl wearing pink, Yuki wears yellow and Airi wears blue shorts. Those colorful shorts came from my aunt, they are really cute, the color suits this summer. Yuki told me not to post the videos on YouTube. Yuki is a shy girl ( as you can see in the video ) She also hid herself in the sala set after the dance ( you can see it if you finished the video of " Yumi's Summer Vacation pt3 ( mitoriyu's FUNdance ) ".

Here are the videos:

1 comment:

LAMAHdesu said...

hello YUMI !

I love your new videos !
it was fun watching them!
tell your cousins they were great !

hope to see more from you guys , and keep up the good work!

ja ne