Saturday, February 7, 2009


Here's the story :

January 5, 2009. I was on my way to school and I brought my PSP with me. Its because I need to burn my project in History. ( You all know that our comp has tech probs ) and when I rode the jeepney, a man sit beside me. And then, I felt something moving in my hips so I immediately checked my bag to see if myPSP and cellphone is there. And... there... My PSP... gone! Only my cellphone is left.. I was scared to shout and blame that man 'coz I'm worried that something may happen. If I did that, he can attack me. So.... I just let go... WAAAHHH!!!!!

I love my PSP so much and he just stole it! I got tons of H!P videos there and especially my project.. tsk tsk!



Anonymous said...

oh, i remember this! i called you that day x3
you're all better now, nee~~ :D

Kimiko said...

Oooo..tht's too bad..I am sorry..

Nice to meet you..

link me..