Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yumi-chan's online purikura!

I edited my photos from It was so much fun, I feel like I'm in a real Purikura photobooth! LOL! XD There are so many cute stickers, backgrounds etc. They are all cute. If you see them, you will be surprised on how they are cute!

As you can see I like pink! ^__^


Here's another one!



LAMAHdesu said...

Yumi-chan ! ,

genki ?
nice little blog you have ne ! .

visit mine and tag my shout box HAI?
arigatou na !

take care!


TingTing said...

Hey Yumi-chan!

I use that PuriCute site too! I don't go out for PuriKura often, so it's a really useful tool!

I was wondering if you're taking requests for dances...since I think that your dances are really close to the actual, I actually want to learn from you!

If you are, do you mind doing Tokaikko Junjou?

Thank you either way!